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(Atlantic City Police Department press release)

The Atlantic City Police Department is pleased to announce the Citizen Services Program website.  The website, through our current Public Safety Software vendor, ProPhoenix Corporation, will allow citizens to report various incidents/crimes with specific requirements to the police department without needing to call the Communications Unit or go the Clayton G. Graham Public Safety Building.  The public is encouraged to use this new reporting option for their convenience and efficiency, yet there is still the option of calling for a police response or going to the Public Safety Building.

The below incidents/crimes are eligible to be reported, unless there is a known suspect, an injury has occurred, or there is physical evidence that must be recovered. 

Minor Theft (must not exceed $200)- Theft that is minor in nature, and DOES NOT include breaking or entering.  Examples include; theft from an unsecured shed, package thefts, and theft of an unsecured bicycle.

Lost Property -Property that has been misplaced.  Examples include; property you can't find, items left at a restaurant, on a bus or dropped from a purse or briefcase, items missing from home, or on the boardwalk.

Vandalism (must not exceed $500)- The act of changing, modifying or defacing public or private property including vehicles.  Examples include; graffiti, knocking over mail boxes, throwing a rock through a window, or damage to a vehicle.

Identity Theft- Obtaining someone else's personal identifying information and using it illegally.  Examples include; someone who obtains a credit card using your social security number or obtains other services using your personal information such as cell phone service, cable TV etc.

Harassment/Annoying Phone Calls- Repeated contact with the intent to inconvenience, alarm, annoy, or is offensive.  Examples include; immediate hang-ups, obscene language, text/voice messages with no suspects or evidence.

The reporting person must complete basic information regarding their identity and the incident details.  There is also the option to add picture or attachments, if necessary. 

The online report will be reviewed by police department personnel to ensure that it meets the necessary criteria.  If the online report does not meet the criteria, an email will be sent advising the reporting person that they need to report in-person.

“Our goal with this program is to assist the public in being able to report certain incidents on their own terms without the need to report in-person,” said Chief James Sarkos.  “By reporting online, this will free up our patrol officers  and allow them the opportunity to focus on other areas such as traffic enforcement and issues impacting the quality of life of our residents and visitors.”

The Citizens Service Program website is, or a link can be found at

Click to visit Citizen Services Program Website
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